A Word from the Director

Karim Bouriad

Karim Bouriad Bazar is above all a conviction. A company created with heart and passion. The bazaar is the story of a life. Passionate about the beauty of Moroccan craftsmanship I wanted to make a know-how and present to the world what Morocco has the best to offer. Karim Bouriad Bazar is an artisan complex in the rules of the art. Perfectionist by nature, I put a point of honor to make available to our customers a diversified range of artisanal products without making the least concession on the quality.

Karim Bouriad Bazar is also a place where refinement and sophistication stand alongside the simplicity of the pure Moroccan tradition. With special attention to the quality of our products, we also insist on the thoroughness, reliability and commitment of our employees. Our products are handmade and we are particularly attentive to the smallest details.

Thanks to our seriousness, the quality of our products, the warmth of our welcome and the sincere interest we have for each of the specific needs of our customers, Karim Bouriad Bazar has become a must in the city of Marrakech for the finest of connoisseurs around the world. From the first visit, our clientele from all over the world does not consider Marrakech anymore without having to visit our premises. Karim Bouriad Bazar is also a state of mind that if it is difficult to achieve perfection, it is the duty of everyone to mobilize all the means and skills at their disposal to bring closer to the highest point.

If on occasion you are in Marrakech, your visit to the Bazaar will offer you the opportunity to make a discovery that will remain etched in your memories and acquire products that you will not see anywhere else. However, if for any reason you can not visit us on site … We thought and designed this website to get you closer to the best, browse our various panels products, you will probably find some rare pearls that will know how to make your happiness.

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