Our Team

The KB team is devoted men and women, committed employees. Indeed, a special place is given to each employee. KB is a team in every sense of the word and even more so it’s a family. Most of the employees joined KB several years ago. Everyone puts their heart to work and works with love in his favorite field. Stylists, dressmakers, embroiderers, salesmen … more than collaborators they are craftsmen! Passionate about their art, they work daily to make each of their action a creation. These men and women are proud and involved. Marrakech is their city, they engage every day a little more, aware that through the least of their facts and gesture, within Karim Bouriad Bazar,
KB is proud to have each of these people on their team. Dynamic and motivated, serious and meticulous, each of them brings a real added value to the offer of Karim Bouriad Bazar  !
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